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Ho ho ho

25 December 2010

Cherry Mristmas and Nappy Yew Hear!!!

Well Christmas was just wonderful, in spite of the fact that whats-er-name intruded into our designated time and got away with taking Liza for four hours, no small thanks to my snoozing son. Hub Bughum!!! He is NEVER going to be on top of things with his ex-wife!!!

Okay, on with our day and Miss Liza absolutely loves it when I set the table with good china, Aunt Minnie’s silver, crystal glasses, starched napkins, candles, centerpiece, damansk table cloth, Hermine’s amazing leg of lamb,the whole kabootle. It is just as she always imagined herself living: high. She is so funny. She wants to be a part of every step, stirring the pot, setting the table, gently using the candle snuffer at the end of the meal. She absolutely coos through all of it and always in a new poofy dress. She is in little diva heaven. Meanwhile we are chortling over her every silly celebratory notation. The kid doesn’t miss anything and says the funniest things. Then she jumps away from the table because there is a mirror on the hall closet door by the front door and flips the tulle around in her skirt while dancing to the Sugar Plum Fairies from the Nutcracker. That’s when we ask her if she is finished eating, and she NEVER is.

So now I am pleased because Santa David gave me a laptop computer and I can take it with me everywhere I go and plug her in where there is wifi, which should not be confused with Wiki, I don’t do that one at all. I prefer being clueless. And I can keep right on working on my genealogy everywhere I go and enter new found clues and assorted lurid family stories right on the spot instead of having to write things down by hand and then type it again once I returned to this desktop model.

This is progress. Oh I am so modern now. Heather gave me a Kindle for my birthday so I don’t have to lug around books in my carry-on bags and now I can stay connected with my computer too. I just wonder how it all survives x-ray images without being frisked like I am? Now to update my Jurassic cellphone but really there is no reason because half the time I leave it on the counter in the kitchen and only use it to make long distance calls. David insists we get a better rate than the land line, but the land line rests on my shoulder so I can multi-task, the cell can be tucked away into my ever growing ear lobes one day, or so I suppose.

Lord knows why we spent way too much money on the fairy house, when her favorite presents were her birdie whistles, gyroscope, the spinning lighted top and the mistletoe tiara. The boxes proved very entertaining as well. The books are always her pleasure and anything that includes music in a little box makes her happy feet dance. And I am happy to report I did remember afterall where I hid Heather’s jewelry at the very last minute. Oh this was bugging me, I knew I put it somewhere…....

So my friends, I am convinced I am in grandmother heaven whenever this little kid comes around and my kids are always part of the wrap around hug too. Life doesn’t get any better than this.
Liza Looooooooooooooooooo

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