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Lace Curtain Liza

Diary of Adventures

The Running of the Sheep

23 September 2010

A couple of weeks ago I drove over to Sequim to visit my friend Debbie. We went to Peninsula College together for two years. She lives on her mother’s farm. She has chickens and lamb which she raises. When I left on Saturday she staged the transfer of her lamb flock across the road to another pasture, which was a sight to behold with her in her straw hat and denim dress shaking the feed can, running down her lane, lambs bleeting and running behind her, crossing the road and into the next pasture where every lamb in the herd soon lowered their head in the tall grasses and all you saw was their upper backs. The only thing audible was them crunching the grasses between their teeth. I should have had my camera rolling for the whole spectacle as it reminded me of the running of the bulls!

That afternoon I went on to Port Angeles and participated in a baby shower for Rosemary’s daughter-in-law. This is Rose’s first grandchild and at 72 years, I’d say she is deserving of this blessed event. Her daughter-in-law, Brooke, was looking pretty ready to have her baby. I still remember my summer pregnancies with the swollen feet and feeling like I was running a hot house incubator. I had lots of empathy for her.

The gals giving her this shower were lots of fun. I liked how they set a good example and found nice things at yard sales for the baby. Brooke looks like she is pretty well set for the baby’s arrival.

Then I drove back to Tacoma at a snail’s pace. At about two miles out of Discovery Bay I ended up in a congo line with everyone going 40 m.p.h. Well at least I enjoyed the sights of forests and water along the way! I just barely got across the Hood Canal bridge when they closed it to allow two Navy vessels to pass. It’s a floating bridge and they slide a portion of the bridge back and the ships then pass. It’s always better to see that looking back rather than waiting for it to open again!

On Sunday I participated in the annual open house at Monarch Sculpture Park near Tenino, WA. It’s tucked away in a prairie and is off the beaten road. I sold reproductions of my art. I had a good day and I made money. However this was the hottest day we have had all summer and the temperature rose to about 100 degrees. My spot was under the trees, and I did enjoy the breeze that came along now and then.

So now I am back in Tacoma. I found something interesting at an antique store in Port Angeles to use as a frame for one of my paintings. I think I’ll do a portrait of Dierdre Deja Vu, who is one of the characters in my murder mystery. One by one I am creating the whole cast. One day I will have an opening at a gallery and invite everyone to come in character to solve the mystery. I think that would be fun!

So it’s back to the tasks at hand. First up is my lovely walk down to Wright Park and back. It’s about a three mile walk and totally enjoyable as I usually take Yakima Avenue and it is lined with towering chestnut trees.

One of my favorite things to do in the eveinings is on the weekends when Miss Liza is here. We like to sit out in the adirondack chairs on the deck and watch the birds fly home to rest for the night. The flock of crows is pretty big in these parts and their nests are down at the park. Then the seagulls make a racket as they head for their nests down by the water. Occasionally there will be a hummingbird getting one last nip from my jasmine flowers on the trellis. Last week I watched as it chased away a chickadee, something that amused me as I have never really witnessed a hummingbird being aggressive. After all the birds have gone home to their nests, the solar powered lights on my fence posts start to light up, one by one. Then the colorful lighted spheres I have hanging from my dogwood tree start to come alive, one by one.

This is also when Carlos lights the fire in the copper fire pit and we roast marshmellows. Summer is full of traditions for our little granddaughter. She enjoys all of it.

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